TAKE THIS QUIZ – What is your Work Wear Style Personality?

Have you ever wondered “What is my style?”

Sometimes we get a fairly clear idea of what it is in high school or college…but… how does that translate to work? And what if that ‘style’ you had is out of date? What if who you or who you want to be has changed since then?

Well… it’s time to figure out who the NEW you is.

Take this Work Wear Style Personality Quiz and find out!

1. Who’s celebrity style do you most admire?

A. Ellen DeGeneres, Reese Witherspoon
B. Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson
C. Jennifer Aniston, Diane Sawyer
D. Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama
E. Ginnifer Goodwin, Nicole Richie
F. Sara Jessica Parker, Cate Blanchett
G. Jada Pinkett Smith, Sienna Miller

2. When you go shopping, you are immediately drawn to:

A. funky sneakers
B. gladiator sandals
C. patent leather mary janes
D. pink heels
E. heels with a 50s feel
F. shoes that you’ve never seen before
G. anything studded

3. One of your favourite words is:

A. Comfortable
B. Fierce
C. Stylish
D. Lovely
E. Quirky
F. Unusual

4. You love clothes that:

A. Are not too constrictive
B. Are in all of the magazines
C. That don’t go out of style
D. That make you feel feminine
E. Are throw backs to another time
F. Have unique shapes, cuts and textures
G. Have bold colours, patterns and textures

5. You love details like:

A. Graphics
B. Hot new colours
C. Great Tailoring
D. Sequins or bows
E. Polka dots
F. Asymmetrical necklines
G.Animal print or leather

If you answered mostly As, your style is CASUAL
Casual people like to be laid back and comfortable overall. Comfortable can be boy boyish or feminine but leans away from skirts and dresses and towards looser details like T-shirts, scarves, vests, pants or sweaters.
WHY this style is awesome:  it can transition easily to weekend wear
ONE word of caution: Be careful that your casual style matches up with the expectations of your workplace

If you answered mostly Bs, your style is TRENDY
Trendy people are all about what’s hot now. If your style is ‘Trendy’ then you find it difficult to stop yourself from buying that item everyone is wearing…leggings, bib necklaces, booties, maxi-dresses….you name it!
WHY this style is awesome: Trendy people rarely get stuck in a time warp because they are focused on constantly updating their style
ONE word of caution: Being ‘Trendy’ can leave a serious deficit in your bank account. Try balancing your trendy inclinations with some classic purchases that can serve as a canvas for your ever changing style. Also, be careful to pick and choose the trends that work for your body type. Just cause they work on the runway doesn’t mean they are the best choice for you.  

If you answered mostly Cs, your style is CLASSIC
The Classics love a timeless wardrobe that fits well, looks professional and has feminine airs but not necessarily outwardly feminine details like flowers, girly colours, or sparkle. Classics may experiment with hint of colour but default to neutrals like white, grey, brown and black.
WHY this style is awesome : Because the pieces you buy aren’t tied to a time or era, they tend to look great now and 10 years from now.
ONE word of caution: Classics can be afraid to experiment with colour so try buying a classic piece but in an unexpected colour like red or burnt orange.

If you answered mostly Ds, your style is ELEGANT
If you’re ‘Elegant’, you tend to be a bit conservative and love to flaunt your girly style with bold, fresh colour choices like aqua, yellow and hot pink and pretty details like lace, sequins, jewels, and flowers. Your hair is always just so, and highlighting feminine features like your waist and decolletage is easy because you are drawn to dresses and skirts that do that for you.
 WHY this style is awesome: It plays up your your feminine side and lets your co-workers know that you can be powerful, professional and pretty.
ONE word of caution: Elegants tend to be drawn to Spring styles because of the amazing colours…but be careful not to break out those open toed sandals at the workplace. Leave them for the garden party you are attending on Sunday.

If you answered mostly Es, your style is RETRO
If you’re ‘Retro’ you love celebrities that can pull of styles of the past and make them current. Depending on who you are you may be drawn to the hour glass dresses and glam of the 40’s, girly details of the 50s, quirkiness of the 60s or hippiness of the 70s. Finding gems in these eras can be a challenge so you love when stars like Scarlett Johanssen bring them back into style.
WHY this style is awesome – you take killer trends that worked in decades past and make them work for you now.
ONE word of caution – be careful that you don’t translate the eras too literally or it may get too costumey. Take one or two elements and mix them with classics for a feel that’s current.

If you answered mostly Fs, your style is MODERN
If you are drawn to everything new and unique you tend to be a ‘Modern’ girl. Modern isn’t necessarily about silver fabric and alien looking outfits (although lady gaga does pull this off well). It’s more about your love for wearing a style that has nothing to do with recycled trends. You want your jackets and dresses in a shape that no one has seen before but still manage to compliment your body and stay work appropriate.
Sara Jessica Parker and Gwyneth Paltrow are always on fashion’s experimental edge and you’d kill to be right there with them.
WHY this style is awesome – The pieces you pick are things that take people back and get attention because they are bold and unique.
ONE word of caution – Uniqueness is awesome but while MODERN pushes style boundaries, it also may push workplace boundaries too. Take care to experiment within the confines of workplace appropriateness.

If you answered mostly Gs, your style is EDGY
If you love getting attention for being tough yet pretty then ‘Edgy’ is your style. ‘Edgy’ girls can’t help but purchase those hard edged items like black rimmed glasses and animal print pencil skirts and throwing a leather bomber jacket in for fun. For them, it’s not just about the clothes – the hair must have edge too. Forget simple cuts, you won’t step outside unless your hair is spiked, blunted or coloured in an unforgettable way.
WHY this style is awesome: It gives off a confidence and risk taking edge that people tend to respect.
ONE word of caution: That same style that pulls people in can be the same thing that pushes people away. Be aware that your style may translate  better in some office environments than in others.


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