SEND ME YOUR "DEAR STYLE FIX" work wear Dilemmas!!!

Hey there Style Fixers!

Have a work wear or style question?
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3 thoughts on “SEND ME YOUR "DEAR STYLE FIX" work wear Dilemmas!!!

  1. I don't have to dress in work wear often, but I still would love some style advice. I'm busy with a toddler most days and I really need shoes that are comfortable for standing/walking/running all day long. I need shoes that are practical for cement, grass, gravel and rain. I have one pair of go-to waterproof black suede boots and an athletic-ish pair of black flats that I think look ok style wise as long as I don't wear socks with them (and I have done that *cringe*). Running shoes are comfy too, but I feel silly wearing them with anything but athletic wear. What shoes should I wear in between boot season and sockless season (aka now)? Also what do I wear with a sundress in the summer? Sandals and flip flops look ok but aren't comfy or supportive enough enough for long walks. Are there any semi-dressy flats out there that are actually comfortable all day long?Amanda

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