Work Wear Faux Pas – Little Things make the Difference

The Little Things

When it comes to work wear and the impression you leave on those around you, it can sometimes be the little things that really make the difference. You may think no one will notice (or care) but ….what if they do?

Here are some of those little things you should notice (and fix) before starting your commute:

1. Loose strings on your clothing: you know those little pieces of string that hang off the edge of a hem or on a button. It takes no time at all to snip those off but they give the impression of clothing that is cheap (because it’s sewn quickly and in bulk).
STYLE FIX – Give yourself a once over before leaving the house and if you see a loose thread, sip it now! You’ll never remember later.

2. The back of the head – hair nightmare: have you ever noticed someone who looks totally normal in the front and then you see them walk away…and the back of their head is a mess? Eeesh. What is says? You are not a detail person.
STYLE FIX –  Take a moment…and a hand mirror… and check the back of your head to make sure things are in place before you leave.

3. Hairy legs – yes…I’m totally guilty of this. I always think that my blonde leg hair won’t be seen and then that awesome angle of sunlight hits my knee just right and spotlights my unshaven legs for all to see.
STYLE FIX – don’t wear skirts or dresses unless you’ve taken care of things the night before …AND….. have a pair of grey tights handy at work just in case of a leg hair emergency(they go with almost anything).

4.Chipped nail polish one word….EEEEEWWWWW. Yes, this is one of those things that people absolutely notice! Don’t try and kid yourself. We all have the best intentions of coming to work with a cute manicure but three days later it might just back fire on you. Chipped nails say you don’t take care of yourself (even if it’s not true) and this makes people question what else you don’t take care of. Plus…it’s just plain gross, especially when you are expected to shake hands with people.  
STYLE FIX – keep a small bottle of nail polish remover in your desk or purse just in case.

5. Bad breath – I’m not even sure if I need to mention should be a given but just like everything else, there’s someone out there that thinks they can pass with this issue. Don’t gross people out – if you’re talking in meetings or in the kitchen area or in a one-to-one, do a quick breath check. Even tho I don’t support chewing gum on the job, it’s better to pop a piece and give it a quick chew just to cover the breath if it’s an issue.
STYLE FIX – a longer solution is to keep a travel tooth brush and tiny paste in your desk/purse for emergencies. If you are going into a one-on-one or a meeting, give yourself 5 minutes prior to get situated and give yourself the quick once over.

Can you think of any more???
Post a comment about those ‘little things’ you’ve noticed on other people and what it made you think.


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