Top 10 Stores to AVOID at All Cost!


Let me tell it to you straight.
Just got back from Coquitlam Centre (taking a little mommy time to wander around) and just when I reached official relaxation I passed “Le Chateau” and I was FLOODED with memories of all of my work wear fashion nightmares from the past.

Don’t tell me you haven’t done it. You are lying. You know…ooh, I see this top I like in an expensive store …but I’ll just go buy it at a really cheap store to save some money. 1 month later …the stiching has come apart, it’s faded, pilled and looks like trash (which conveniently, is where it belongs).
Yes ladies. Come clean. It’s time to grow up and leave those money wasting purchases behind that make you look like crap anyways.

Here is my TOP 10 all time list of stores to avoid:

1. Le Chateau
Striped Asymmetrical Neckline Sweater= crappy sweater from Le Chateau ($29.95 that would get you halfway to something super cool)
2. Smart Set
3. Suzy Shier
4. Fairweather
5. Dynamite
6. Spring

= Man-made crappy shoe from Spring  ($19.95 you will never get back)

7. Payless Shoes
8. Sirens
9. Reitman’s
10. Urban Planet

I know you can do it!
Save your money and get yourself something that doesn’t just fill a void in your closet.
STYLE FIX TIP: Before buying something..ask yourself “Is this extraordinary?” (is it unique, beautiful, totally you and you would die if you couldn’t have it right now!). If it isn’t, then you probably shouldn’t buy it. Don’t you deserve to look extraordinary? I do 😉

PS. Let me know all about those awful cheap purchases you’ve made in the past. I know I’m not the only one!!


6 thoughts on “Top 10 Stores to AVOID at All Cost!

  1. I have a small rebuttal – I have 2 great pairs of shoes from Payless, 1 being basic small black heels that I keep at work and wear almost everyday, the other being a pair of skate shoes I live in on weekends and they've lasted forever – I've had the soles on the heels re-done twice now to keep them going! And Reitmans – if you're a younger (ie. under 40) year old plus size gal there aren't a lot of options out there and Reitmans really isn't that bad for actual cute options that don't make you look like a frumpy granny!! Otherwise thanks… I have a co-worker who loves Le Chateau and always wants to drag me along during lunch…. :SMiss S.

  2. Hi Miss S – I do agree that there can be exceptions to every rule. When it comes to payless.. I've found that there are a couple jems to be found, especially when it comes to canvas shoes…but most of these aren't work appropriate. Generally, the heels are low quality and 'man-made' leather so they tend to chafe/cut your feet and make them sweat: double eeew.Glad that you found a pair that you love tho! AND having the soles/heels re-done on the shoes you love is a create budget-wise tip for everyone :)StyleFix

  3. OOOhhhh – also, you're right about Reitmans not being that bad – especially for tops and jackets. They made the list because they have these 'comfort' work pants that sound like a super good idea …but…when you actually buy them they stretch out like 3 sizes and you have to throw them in the trash. What a waste. So, I asked them about that and they told me to just buy a size zero and stretch them out..huh?? I'm a size 8.eeep.Style Fix

  4. I would have to say that the comfort pants stretching out wayyyy too much happened to me with Reitmans. However, I now know which size to purchase for myself now so that doesn't happen.They are the only store in which you can buy pants that are short in the leg and not a size zero, but made for women with curves. The other factor is I have a really, really tight budget so I could buy two pairs of pants for what I would pay for 1/2 pair at some of the other stores. I think people go to the stores that you listed above because the other ones that you mentioned may be great, but WAY out of their budget, even on a sale. I know that's the case for me. It's frustrating!Angie

  5. Hi!I here you about the budget thing. *hence my many mistakes made at the clothing stores above.The idea tho is no matter what the budget, you should try and find something that is reasonable quality because it shows and it'll wear out so much faster – which means you end up buying the same thing twice. Buy less stuff, less often, and better quality. That said, if you've found your official size at Reitmans I applaud you! Especially when you're in and out of the maternity stuff (like you and I are) it's important to have pants that look good through a couple of sizes (hint-that's why I went there in the first place :)Also – a surprising place to find great stylish pieces for little cash and at a convenient location – I've been surprised again and again by Joe Fresh clothing (available at Superstore). They are always right on trend and everything I've bought there continues to look great over time.One thing I bought that I love is a pair of dark grey, no-wrinkle pants that fit amazing and I've worn so much you wouldn't believe it. TOTAL COST= $29. Love a bargain!!Check out the Joe Fresh line for work and play and fool around with thier cute mix & match game at: StyleFix

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