I’m gona SHOCK you all!!!! My top 3 Awesome Bargain Stores

Hey Style Fixers,

After my top 10 stores to avoid at all cost, it got me thinking about the opposite – awesome, low cost stores that you can snag brilliant pieces that last.
Here are my top 3 bargain stops:

1. One of my (secret) favourites is JOE FRESH (available at superstore).
Not only is it convenient (cause that’s where I grocery shop) but quite often they have some great basics, classic pieces and trendy options for us moms on the go.
My favourite purchase was my dark grey, no wrinkle trousers for $29. Awesome fit and they really don’t wrinkle! (double bonus). Other purchases include basic tanks, skinny waist belts, and a black pencil skirt.
Check out their fun mix & match app at: JOE FRESH

2. I also have found some great tops and ESPECIALLY jewellery at FOREVER 21
(now at Metrotown).
Don’t shoot me!!
Yes, it does take some searching through the sea of sequined & ruffle mini dresses but if you have the time you can really find some edgy and interesting dresses and tops to add to your closet for very little cash. Take this super cute dress for example:
 Self Tie Woven dress – $27.50

3. Lastly…(and I kinda hate to say this) but I have found the occasional gem at Old Navy. The only reason I hate to say it is that a) I’ve been burned by bad quality there in the past and b) you kind of end up getting sucked in to buying other cheap things that you don’t need there and don’t flatter you…eh em….Capri cargo pants anyone???
The bonus at Old Navy is that if you time it right, you can ride the wave of their 30% off sales that come around every few months and knock ever more hard earned $$$ off the price tag.
My all time favourite bargain purchase:

Women’s Dark Denim Jacket : $34.95 (with30% off = $24.47)
*** AND I’m wearing it right now!!!!! hehehe

Love love love this – you can throw it over practically any work outfit (dresses, pants…whatever) …in place of a blazer or a cardigan and get a slightly more casual feel with a little texture thrown in. In fact, I love it soooo much that I actually lost it – eeeep – and I actually went back and bought it again cause it’s so fabulous.
SO ya….it’s work appropriate (unlike some other jean jackets) because it’s a dark wash and has no holes/wearing in anywhere.

Anyhow…that’s my fashion budget tip for all of you!

NOW… I want to hear from you!
Tell me about where you have found some awesome and surprising good quality fashion finds.

3 thoughts on “I’m gona SHOCK you all!!!! My top 3 Awesome Bargain Stores

  1. Miss Fashionista,Does Old Navy still carry that denim jacket??? I am in desperate need for a cute spring jacket (like a short trench or something) that isn't a hoody or North Face anything…. but this would tide me until I can afford a nice one!And my small tip – Jacob often has really great sales, currently it's 40% off select items (not the leftover grossies) and really nice work basics. It's my go-to store for sure! Helps it's only a 5 min walk during lunch :)-Miss S

  2. It IS available! And… I believe you can get it for 25% off right now if you order online. I'm not sure about in stores. Click on the link "Women's dark jean jacket" and it'll take you right to the jacket on the old navy site.Good luck!Style Fix

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