Top 10 Classic Pieces – If you wana be a CLASSIC girl, you gotta have these in your closet


I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to build a great classic wardrobe – ESPECIALLY on a budget.

I’m not surprised because:

a) classic pieces never go out of style
b) you can buy better wardrobe pieces, less often…which
c) helps keep costs of being fabulous down…and
d) classic pieces can form the ‘fashion canvas’ for almost any other style personality out there.

SOooooooo …here are my top 10 CLASSIC pieces you just gotta own.
And by the way – to purchase ALL of these pieces = $473.94 (or $40/month for 1 year) – BARGAIN & good quality!

1. The Dark Denim Jacket – Perfect replacement for a blazer or cardigan and goes over everything from cute tops and pants to dresses and skirts.

Old Navy – $34.95 (on sale now for 25% off = $24.50)

2. Black Pencil Skirt – emphasizes every shape and brings a subtle sexiness (yet professionalism) to your work wardrobe. Add some librarian glasses your husband or boyfriend (or girlfriend*) might not let you make it out the door in the morning.

Banana Republic – Stretch Pencil Skirt – reg $85 (on sale now for $59.99)

3. Crisp White Shirt – this is such an elegant look no matter what you pair it with. I especially love it with a big chunky necklace but you do what works for you!

The Gap – reg $49.50 (on sale now for $39.99)

4. Dark Grey (Ideally Pin Stripe) Suit – a business staple that you can mix and match with your entire wardrobe, including the brown boots below. Dress the jacket down with some dark-wash, straight-leg denim or change your suit look up by having your black pencil skirt step in for your bottom half.

Banana Republic
Jacket reg $195 (on sale now online for $75!!!)
Pants reg $95 (on sale now online for only $29.99!!!)

5. A Pair of either Red and/or Animal Print Heels (zebra, leopard or snake skin) – this may seem a bit out of place (were you expecting black?). Most people don’t think about animal print as being classic but because most of the rest of classic pieces are neutral oriented and monochromatic, it’s an unexpected pop to see some pattern or texture below the ankle.

Classic pointed toe pump has a 3 1/2" heel and compliments any look.           
Nine West (on sale now $41.50)                             

Nine West (via Sterling) $129     

6. Basic scoop neck (or U neck) T (preferably in a colour other than grey – think burgundy or rust or purple)- can be worn under the suit or with the black pencil skirt. Think black pencil skirt, T and Jean jacket with animal print shoes – ZOWIE! Scoop necklines are the most flattering because they elongate the neckline but compliment the angles of of the lapels on your jacket better than a v-neck. In most cases you’ll want to go with short sleeves just in case you want to remove your jacket.

The Gap – favourite scoop neck Ton sale now for $14.99

7. A Wrap Dress – this dress style flatters practically anyone because it creates an hourglass shape by bringing attention to the waist and the wrap creates a natural v-neck that makes you look long and lean.

Banana Republic “Gemma” Wrap Dress reg $124 (on sale now for only $64!!!)

8. A Shirt Dress – creates the same beautiful shape as the wrap dress but I love that it’s usually made out of a fabric that creates a bit more structure (and hides the lovely wobbly bits : )

H&M Shirt Dress in Olive (also available in red & beige) $39

9. Brown Tall Boots – these are fabulous because you can wear them with pants, under the suit or with either of the two dresses above. You’ll get tons of wear out of these – just shoot for a leather pair and you won’t be sorry.

I.N.C Hans
INC “Hans” All Leather Brown Boot (via Gotham City Shoes site)  reg $200 (on sale now for $65.99!!)

10. Fitted Cardigan – this is a no brainer! perfect for layering over Ts or cami’s when you want to go a bit more casual. Better yet, it’s a perfect crossover piece it would be easy to put this one on double duty on the weekend as well.
Old Navy V-Neck Cardigan – Reg $22.50 – on sale now for $18.99!

Oooooooh. Now I’m inspired. In fact, I just tried on those snake skin Nine West shoes today. Gotta start saving my pennies!



3 thoughts on “Top 10 Classic Pieces – If you wana be a CLASSIC girl, you gotta have these in your closet

  1. I have a question about tall boots. Do they work for people like me that are 4'11, or do they just look stupid because I'm super short? I've never owned a pair but I love them, but I'm not short and skinny…I still have curves, so do I leave them at the store, or is there a boot out there that can work with my body type?I love all the other classic style advice you gave, it's totally me and I have so many great examples now of what to look for!Angie

  2. Hey Miss A!That's an excellent question. Looking great is really a science of proportions and it has less to do with your over all height and more to do with whether you have a long torso & short legs (like me) or short torso & long legs… etc. etc. For your body type and size (just cause I have the please of knowing you personally!) I would say that the best way to go is a "kitten heel- ~ 1 inch", knee high boot with a pointed toe. These boots are the best fit for you (rather than the ankle boot or mid calf boot) because they lengthen the leg. If you (or me cause I have short legs) go for the other types, it tends to cut our legs off and make us look even shorter than we are….and we need all the inches we can get : )You can definitely experiment with the heel height but knowing you I think you would get the most use out of a lower heel. Just keep them simple (no tassels or anything) and save up for a leather pair – you'll thank me later. The absolute best time to buy boots is in boxing week (if you can stand the lines) but there are sweet deals at Aldo and Sterling all through Feb-April. Never pay full price, just be patient, find a pair you like and stalk them like a cat in the jungle!Style Fix xxoo

  3. Gotham City Shoes is an awesome site! I hadn't heard of it before your blog. I find it hard to find a good selection of real leather boots (especially flat ones…I have trouble with even the tiniest heels). The prices aren't bad either. Time to start window shopping for a brown pair for the fall.

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