YOU TELL ME – Blue Nail Polish for work? Trendy or Trashy

Hi Style Fixers,

This is an interesting one.
Me…being a person that tends to push the boundaries of work place wardrobe acceptableness from time to time… I had to have a bit of respect for my edgy co-worker who was sporting blue nail polish the other day. Now…she is a bit out there (which I think gives her a pass cause people expect that sort of thing from her) and her nails were short and well manicured… but is blue too much for the work place?

Does blue say…..Edgy and Creative? or Juvenile and Inappropriate?


3 thoughts on “YOU TELL ME – Blue Nail Polish for work? Trendy or Trashy

  1. As long as they are well manicured and, as with any colour, should be removed when they start to chip. I have more issue with chipped polish or super long artificial nails than I do funky colours. I do recommend keeping the colours solid – no jewels, designs or sparkles (unless you work in the industry) though it really depends on your company's dress code/grooming guidelines!

  2. I agree. Colours should definitely be solid – there's that shattered look that's very popular right now but it walks the line of looking chipped too. And in general, you always want to pick a shade that works for you. I don't mind shades that are more turquois or really dark like navy but some of the more gre/blue shade are really unflattering and "corpse like" as the first poster said. STYLE FIX RULE – Blue nail polish is Work Wear Approved as long as it is well manicured and solid (no jewels/designs). Be careful of the shade and otherwise rock it if you can.

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