Faux Pas – Here’s the thing about Spring & Summer Shoes….

Here’s the thing Style Fixers:
Sandals (of any kind) are inappropriate at work.

Yes…yes… I know that if you live in the Vancouver area that it’s practically impossible to not reach for your cutest sandals when the sun finally pops out for it’s 2.5 minutes this month.
That said, it’s kind of like weekend jeans…
I love them – but you gotta know that sandals and open toed shoes are NOT appropriate for work.

Work is not a pool party or a hike around a lake or even a BBQ with friends. Work is work and just like you wouldn’t wear your bathing suit cover up to work (you wouldn’t …would you?) – sandals need to stay behind the weekend and post-work line.

Put it this way:
Would you wear sandals to a job interview? No?
Then what all of a sudden makes them appropriate for the work environment?

I’ve seen about 3/4 of the my co-worker ladies busting sandals out (and their feet in all sorts of hygienic states) into the workplace as of late and it surprises me every time.

I even saw a higher up sporting gems like these the other day (which coincidentally are also not appropriate):
Naturalizer Rimma
Now, I know what you’re saying….
“Well… my sandals are cute and I have nice feet so I’m ok.”

NO..You are not.

Then you say…
Well, I have nothing I can wear with skirts or dresses in the summer time.”

YES…you do.

Let’s not play that game. I guarantee you that almost every heel and ever flat you have can be worn with your skirts and dresses.

And if you don’t have any heels or any flats then call me. We need to go shopping asap.

Remember – No one is exempt from this rule.




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