Back from Vegas! guess what I bought…..

Yes ladies…..

I got to go shopping in Vegas. But what do you do when u have a crazy 20 month old, 110 degree heat and an exhausted husband?

Shopping on a deadline!

So we somehow managed to make it to the outlets in Vegas on one of the days and I was so excited to run around (literally) and do some shopping. I especially had my on the COACH and Michael Kors stores (never shopped there before but though the big discounts would give me shot :).

But, as chance has it….we walked and walked around and all of a sudden an hour and a half went by and none of us had really had a chance to go into a store because none of us wanted to ask the others to wait! Silly…. AND bad planning.

By the that time it was like 110 degrees and everyone was tired and wanted to go but I stuck to my guns and said I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to see those stores before I left. So…I told my husband honestly what I wanted and  –  I got 7minutes to shop. Yes…ladies – 3.5 minutes per store. Of course it didn’t help that they were both having super mega sales on top of their normal discounts so what happened was that
a) I got totally overwhelmed and
 b) there just wasn’t time to make a decision

At the end of the 7 minutes I found myself talking myself out of the bags I had under each arm and ended up leaving both stores empty handed.

Should I have just bought the bag that I wanted? Maybe, but you probably know me now and although I LOVE fashion and bargain buys, I do have a serious budget and a spending priority plan and just couldn’t justify dropping $100-$200 on a purse that wasn’t part of the plan when I had such limited time to think about it.

Yes, I was disappointed at first… but I really was glad about it the next day when I had a chance to think clearly.
Also, I ended up wrangling 1.5 hours the day (actually on my own!) to go and shop at a different set of stores on the strip. And what did I find? More mega bargains! Somehow I restrained myself though and ended up buying the one really classic piece I’ve been meaning to add to my wardrobe for a while – and at a bargain price.

The Banana Republic Stretch Pencil Skirt – regularly $85 – and I got it for $45 dollars!!! Woohoo!

Yes, I put down many cute things and could have got side tracked by the “Shopping-Mentality” and spend hundreds of $$$$ on things I didn’t really need or want because of the excitement and tacky wonderfulness of Vegas but I didn’t because I had thought about the things I really wanted to buy before hand and had the plan in my head.

All in all I had an awesome time and I’m really glad I went. Ask me sometime about how I ended up High-5ing David Copperfield.

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