Inspiration of the Week – Pointers from Pippa!

Not exactly a well known fashion icon but for a girl thrust into the Royal spotlight as of late (or should I say Royal shadow?), Pippa Middleton (sister to Princess Kate) has been hitting all of the right fashion notes on the street.

Coincidentally, these looks may also work well if you have a casual work environment:

Pippa's Royal Street Style!: May 25Pippa's Royal Street Style!: May 26Pippa's Royal Street Style!: May 27Pippa's Royal Street Style!: May 20

Notice how she picks a skirt that emphasizes her waist in the first photo and although she’s in a dress in the third photo- she pics a nude suede jacket that hits her right at the waist as well – the perfect way to create the illusion of an hour glass (and sexy figure). Love it!

The best part is that even though she is related to a Royal, she’s not technically one herself and is working with ‘normal’ dollar amounts – we’re talking Zara people!



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