Top 3 CLASSIC Accessories

Hey Style Fixers,

With so many accessory choices out there, it’s hard to know whether to go for an accessory purchase or not. Keep in mind that buying accessories are just like buying clothes – spend the good $$$ on the classic piece that will last you and never go out of style and go $ cheaper on the trendy accessories that are fun but that you may want to recycle after you’ve worn them a for a couple of years.

With that in mind – here are my go – to Classic Accessories that will stand the test of time…

1. Pearls – not just for the well bred prepsters anymore…pearls can be classic, preppy or edgy depending on how you want to wear them. Try a single, shorter strand if you’re more conservative or a few long loops of pearls if you want a more edgy feel

Classic – double strand


Trendy – the flower or any asymmetrical detail is very ‘in\ right now

2. Silver Cuff Bracelet– these work with almost any outfit (I love them with a 3 quarter sleeve blazer) and make you look super stylish. Go for a simple thick cuff for a classic look, something gridded for a modern feel or go all out with an embellished cuff to be edgy.


3. Diamond Studs (fake or real) – I love these because you can wear them everyday and they always look great. Just don’t go TOO big or nobody will be fooled. 
Done right, they add just the right of sparkle to any outfit and quite simply…make you look like you made that little bit of extra effort to put yourself together. Trust me – people notice.

Either way you go, accessories can be an outfit’s very best friend. Choose wisely and choose a focus piece for the day. Never wear more than two types of pieces together (ie. do earrings and necklace or earrings and bracelet – never all 3 together).

And remember – husbands are generally very poor gift givers…but if YOU don’t know what you want, then how can THEY know what you want?

Decide on accessory you love, that’s going to last and then give them super clear hints and directions about where to find them. If you do it right, you might just find one of these under the tree next year. Good luck!!

Style Fix


2 thoughts on “Top 3 CLASSIC Accessories

  1. Definitely agree with the diamond studs! I have a simple string of pearls I wore for my wedding and I can never find an outfit that suits it. It's a pretty short string, so maybe that's why.

  2. I hear you on the single strand of pearls. If dainty and pretty is not your day to day style, it may not be easy to translate wedding accessories after the big day. Single strands aren't really me either but I received a beautiful strand from my mother in law as a family heirloom (you can see it in the picture where I'm wearing the peach tunic and beige H&M sweater) and you just got to make it work with things like that! Think of the nature of it – it's pretty, dainty and conservative so that's the kind of outfits that will work best with it. Think spring colours like pinks, peaches, lavenders and light greens and fabrics that have less structure – are more light, blousy and flowy to complement the feminine touch the pearls add. Give it a try. You wouldn't want them to go to waste : )Style Fix

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