Tips & Tricks – Creating a Collection of Accessories You’ll Love!

Choosing accessories can be a super fun experiment for some….
….and agonizing, purposeless torture to others.

For those of you that relate to the latter… I can definitely help.

Put your hand up if you ever bought an accessory like a bracelet, necklace, scarf or ring…
a) because you knew you’d wear it all the time (even though it’s not exciting)

b) because it exactly “matched” a specific outfit

c) because it was inexpensive/on sale?

d) because you saw someone else wearing it and thought it was trendy

e) because you saw it near the till and bought it on impulse

f) because you had negative space (skin showing) and you thought that “something should go there”

These are all BAD reasons to buy accessories.

For some reason, accessories tend to end up that impulse purchase that we make at the last possible moment – we’re pressured, think we might like it but can’t remember anything we own that might go with it …..and then we ultimately either put it down because we can’t justify buying a necklace when we can buy a shirt for the same price…or we do buy it and then regret it later because we really DON’T have anything you can wear with it.

It really is a bit of a gamble.
BUT accessories are meant to be both meaningful and playful so it’s weird that it ends up being hard.

That’s why I recommend doing with accessories, what I recommend doing with your clothes:
Plan Your Purchases – that way when you are out shopping there are certain things that are ‘front of mind’.

1. Every wardrobe needs to start with the basics/classics – things that will last physically and stand the test of time fashion wise. Note – these are the pieces that you’ll want to invest more in (so think of asking for them as gifts if your budget doesn’t stretch as far as you’d like)

For those of you that have been following this blog for a bit, you’ll remember my Top 3 classic accessories to own.

  1. Pearls (I suggest a double strand because they will be more versatile)
  2. A Silver, white gold or yellow gold cuff bracelet
  3. Diamond stud earrings

Some of the other classic accessories that I love and will work forever are:

Matt & Natt “VANIA” bag in Orange – $165 CAD
 4. Hoop earrings (I love simple 2 inch diameter, white gold hoops)
 5. A quality watch (stainless steel and/or leather strapped)
 6. A gold chain with a pendant or 2 or 3 that really hold meaning for you
 7. Animal print scarf
 8. A good quality leather purse in black (or go vegan with the “Matt & Natt brand“)
 9. A good quality leather purse in a POP colour such as yellow, green, pink, or red
 10. A long linked chain necklace


Once you have a solid collection of go to pieces, you can start branching out and experimenting a bit. Plus it’ll be easier to spot the things that really stand out to you and speak to your individual sense of style.

Ask yourself a couple questions:

a) If there is one type of accessory I would like to try and really admire on others, what would it be? (have you seen someone or a celebrity or model wear something that you really loved? – broach, pendant, statement ring, bangles, etc. – I really like the ideas of big wooden earrings but don’t own any)


b) If I had an evil twin, what kind of accessories would she wear? (mine would wear a big statement ring like a jeweled leopard crawling on my finger)
_____________________________________________________________________c) If I went back in time, what’s the one accessory you would love to have era that really speaks to you in terms of style? (I love the florescent/hot pink rubber watches of the 80s)

_____________________________________________________________________d) If money were no option, what accessories would make part of your collection? (I would love a large, modern metal necklace that was like a custom sculpture)


Once you’ve answered those questions you should have a list of at least 2-5 accessories that should be on your ‘next to purchase’ list.

Mine are:
– big wooden earrings
– animal statement ring
– hot pink watch
– large, center piece metal necklace

So now once you have yours in mind, you’ll start to see that you’ll find them popping up everywhere you shop. (It’s kind of like shopping for a car, you find a make you like and then all of a sudden they are EVERYWHERE! – same goes for accessories and clothes!).

The only other thing you need to do for your purchase plan is to decided where your price points are. That way if something you love is WAY out of range…you know to walk away.What am I willing to spend on a piece I’ll keep for a long time vs. a ‘throw away piece’ (something that you’ll wear for a year or two but will probably tarnish or break after a while due to lower quality)?

Investment piece max: _________(me – $300)  ‘throw away’ piece max: _______ (me – $20)

Yes… I know it’s not as exciting as that impulse purchase… but I promise you that you’ll always love what you do buy because you took the time to think about it. And when you put together and outfit that is purposeful and elegant… the lasting impression you will give people in the workplace is one of confidence, intelligence and control. In a weird way, your outfits actually tell people that you are trustworthy and prepared to be a leader because it shows that you do things with purpose.
Hmmmm…. think on that one.

Happy Shopping!



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