WANA get inspired? Celeb Style Inspiration…this week.

Don’t mind if I do!

Getting inspired by celebrities is a great way to discover/uncover your personal style. Here are some of the celebrity looks (from all of the style personalities) that I love for work this week:

kate-middleton Erdem Cecile Dress
Kate Middleton  June 30th, 2011 (Elegant) – I love Kate – so pretty and classy. Notice the way she pairs nude shoes with a black lace dress. Think of nude shoes being just that…it’s like standing on your tip toes with no shoes and it creates this illusion that your legs are super long (pro dancers often use this trick) so you can wear them with practically anything…….but is it me? or is poor Kate already wasting away. I hate featuring pics of stars/celebs that are too skinny but I’m still hoping Kate’s just under a lot of pressure lately. Hang in there doll!

jennifer-aniston Generra Second Skin Jeans, Dark
Jennifer Aniston (Casual) – Aaaaah Jen. yes, anyone who knows me know I LOVE Jen’s classic style, although I can do without the nipple-o-rama issues from time to time. Nevertheless, in this photo she manages to keep the girls securely under wraps with a fitted, black, short sleeve button down ( love the v-neck and how the top button is a bit lower) and a pair of dark grey jeans with stiletto boots. Not a look for every office but if you’ve got a bit of casual leniency then this is a super sharp look you should go for. I haven’t seen this jean wash anywhere in “real’ stores but I’m going to scoop it up if I do. Apparently they are “Generra” “second Skin Jeans but they don’t make them anymore : (

Gwen Stefani (Edgy)- I love this look for work. Even though this is actually a dress, it could also work with a pair of skinny pants or jeans if you want to go a bit more casual. The drapey fabric and the elegant cut really contrast well with the thick, black leather belt (think soft and hard together). A classic look that you don’t find often on Ms. Stefani but a nice change too.

katie-holmes Current/Elliott The High Rise Bell Jeans
Katie Holmes (Classic) – I gotta say that Katie is can’t always be found on my fashion good side, but this look is a great example of a conservative yet feminine outfit that does well in the workplace. Event though she’s erring a bit on the skinny side here for me, the dark was boot leg jeans look fantastic (notice how the rise of the jeans is a bit higher than we’ve seen in the past) and the dark olive green of her blouse is an excellent colour for her skin tone. Ever wondered what the best colours are for you?

LIV TYLER'S DRESS photo | Liv Tyler
Liv Tyler (Retro) – Just a smidge too short but I love it so much we’ll throw it in anyhow. Such a cute retro look (a silk crepe wrap dress from DKNY – $325 (a bit out of the range for most of us but remember – this is INSPIRATION! we can find the style steal somewhere else). I especially love the red peep toed sling backs. love love love it and perfect for work.


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