Work Wear Faux Pas – the Hair Edition

Since I’m personally craving a hair makeover, I thought it’d be fun to go crazy on those Hair Faux Pas that we’ve all seen (and hopefully not committed) at work… ..and perhaps give some suggestions of where we can go with hair in the workplace too.

Leeeeeeeettt’s go!

OK, so what can really be bad about hair at work?
How bad could it really be?
I’ll tell you.

Sometimes it ‘s the hair style and sometimes it’s the hair accessories but either way – it’s really about what it says about you. And in the workplace, if your hair style isn’t current, then people may question what else about you isn’t current….your experience, training, your outlook or strategy?
Workplaces are competitive and if you’re looking for an edge &  sense of confidence then updating your hair is a good way to start.

First step though? Find out whether you’re treading in the hair danger zone….


I’m pretty sure I made these in HOME EC class in 1992. I’d say that’s where they belong. Not only are they unflattering but they’re …..wait a minute. Am I explaining why scrunchies are wrong? Let’s skip ahead…


Good Hair Days - Tuck Claw - BlackKarina - 4 1/2" Curved Claw - Tort (1)  

Maaaaan. I hate these clips – especially on people over age 13. Not only do they say ‘juvenille’ but they also say ‘lazy’ and ‘I have no style’. Wearing any clip resembling a claw (or god forbid a banana clip) is basically the female equivalent of a guy wearing a ball cap to work. Unless you work in construction or possibly janitorial services… these looks & these accessories should not be on you hair menu …
(except for maybe grooming in the bathroom – see how I let myself off the hook?)

3. The “P-Knot”
Celebrity hairstyles: Celebrity hair: Pixie Lott's hair: Hairstyles 2010 
Honestly, the actual P-Knot I was trying to find an image of is apparently so hideous that they won’t even put pictures of it on the internet. You know the one, where it’s going to be a pony but at the last minute you leave the pony end in the elastic and this saggin..sad mess of hair attached to your head? the ones above are almost as bad.
And people do it all the time. I thought it was just a college thing but just this weekend I saw this young female manager at Earls – sharply and professionally dressed and excellent service…and then her hair looked like she had just left a sleepover party. Seriously – you can do better than the “P-knot”. Stay tuned for hints below….
4. Pigtails and braids
If you’re wearing pigtails or Heidi style braids to work – then we may have a bigger problem than just your hairstyle and you should probably check your My Little Pony backpack and make sure you didn’t forget your Dora The Explorer Lunch box.
Sadly, I believe I’ve been guilty of this offence and may have been a little bit habit or a little bit “not sure what to do with my hair cause I don’t have a style”. Either way, forget that promotion. Have you ever seen a CEO in pigtails? Case Closed. 
OK Ladies – the point is that many of us currently do or have done the above because we’re either:
a)  tired of our hair style and put it up out of boredom.
b) don’t have a hair style in the first place
c)  completely out of touch with what is current in terms of style
d) are unfamiliar with up dos that are current and would work for work.
 If you find that you are constantly pulling back or putting up you hair then it’s definitely not working for you. Make an appointment with a local stylist today. Ask your stylish friends where they go and get someone that knows what styles are modern and would look great with your face shape (heart, oval, square, round).
In the mean time….Here are some “Up” Hair Options” that Work-for-Work:

Low, back swept or messy side bun…

High and low pony tails…

Half up – back swept, middle part, side part….

And not a scrunchie in sight. Remember… it’s just as important to have polished hair as it is to have polished clothes. Take the time in the morning so it looks like your do is purposeful and not a by product of laziness or rushed mornings.

Good luck!



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