Do you wear short shorts?

Hello ladies!

I know we’re all mega depressed at the weather out there in Vancouver right now but dang it – we’re going to talk shorts!!!!

Now, this may be up for debate as even work wear giant MEXX clothing is showing a look with short shorts this year (see below), I’m going on the record by saying that shorts (especially short ones) shouldn’t be worn at work.

Necklace - Gingham shorts - Blazer
Reason #1
If the shorts you want to wear are a length that you wouldn’t find appropriate in a skirt for work, then the shorts are also not going to be appropriate. Remember – I don’t care if you have the legs of Gisele Bundchen and I don’t care that your crotch may be covered. Too much skin is too much skin whether it’s on your chest or on your leg.
Save these shorts for the weekend.


Necklace - Bracelet - Blouse - Bermudas
Reason #2
Although I actually quite like the look above, it’s important to keep in mind that Bermuda shorts don’t look great on everyone so you’ll be the best judge on that.
A quick hint though….if you’re over 5″8 in height,  you’re an apple shape or you actually ARE Gisele Bundchen – then this could be a fantastic look for you. Keep in mind that although it is polished, it is still a very casual look.
Be on the safe side and save it for Fridays. 
That’s my rant for today. I’d love to hear if you feel differently so shout back at me if you do.
And PS. If you sign subscribe to MEXX’s site, you get 15% off your next MEXX purchase.
Do it now!

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