Colour combos – mix them up!

Hi all!

Clearly I have colour on the brain – although you wouldn’t know it by my outfit today:

‘I was reminded of this article on colour combos today…not sure why…but that’s not important! What is important to keep things fresh in your wardrobe, especially during summer and try out some new colour combos.

There are so many out there…but here are a couple that I’m loving right now:

Red & Grey

 Old Navy – Smocked Tops – $19.50     Old Navy – Skinny ankle zip trousers $34.50
Beige & Orange


Old Navy – Essential Pencil – $25         Casadei Women’s Pump 3525  – $280

White and Yellow

Old Navy – Perfect Khakis – $20         Old Navy – Roll up Camp shirts- $20

Now go out there an experiment with a new colour combo. Pillage your own closet and you might be surprised at what you can put together. Remember – it doesn’t have to be a top/bottom combo – it can be top-earrings ….. Statement ring & pants.. purse and dress….. it’s up to you!

Good Luck!



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