Make it maternity….

No my friends… this is not about me!!!

I just just happen to have a plethora of beautiful mommy-to-be friends right now both in and outside of the workplace. I also recently watched this TED talks video below by Sheryl Sandberg – the current COO of Facebook – on “Why we have too few female leaders”.
TED Talks – Why we have too few women leaders

It got me thinking about:

  1. women
  2. balancing being a woman, mother/mother-to-be & work
  3. advancing in the workplace
  4. how style (and maybe a ‘style check out’ – I’ll talk more about this later) is connected to success in the workplace

For those of us who have the ‘motherhood’ brownie patch…

…and earned it while in the workforce, you know that staying stylish in an ever growing and morphing body is a tricky one. But, does a work wear style check out (ie. succumbing to sweats and stretch Ts) impact how mentally checked in to work we are until we go on leave?
And furthermore, does that give the mental impression to all of those around us that we could care less about work? …. possible promotions…and our career path in general? Who says you can’t earn a promotion right before you go on leave anyways?

In Sheryl’s TED talk she says one of the biggest reasons women don’t make up more than 15% of C-level (ie. CEO/COO) positions out there is because we get “baby on the brain” and mentally check out of the climb.

She says that even before women get pregnant (and sometimes before they are married) this ‘baby on the brain’ can consume their lives. Of course, this is totally natural and not a bad thing…unless you consider how other people in the workplace may be reading this.

Considering that women in the workplace are only off for 3months as well and they are worried about missing the boat on promotions – what do Canadian mommies do when they take a whole year off and then need extra months to ease back in because they haven’t had a conversation with an adult in 12 months!

So what I’m saying here ladies…. is that your shouldn’t disqualify yourself from achieving workplace success before others have discounted you.
Getting ahead, getting noticed and staying noticed is hard enough so despite your growing belly… so try to keep your head and style in the game by dressing the part until you go.

Here are some awesome maternity options that will grow with you:

3/4 Sleeve Pleated Maternity Jacket
3/4 sleeve maternity blazer – Motherhood Maternity – $44
Short Sleeve Ruffled Maternity Blouse
Short sleeved ruffled maternity blouse – Motherhood Maternity – $34.98

Secret Fit Belly(tm) Knee Length  Pencil Fit Maternity Skirt
Secret Fit Belly – knee length pencil skirt – Motherhood Maternity – $34.98

Secret Fit Belly(tm) Bi-stretch Suiting Front Slash Pockets Straight Leg Maternity Pants
Suiting Front slash, straight leg maternity pants – $49.98

Secret Fit Belly(tm) Flannel Drape Front Straight Leg Maternity Pants
Secret Fit Belly – Flannel drape pants – Motherhood Maternity – $49.98

Short Sleeve Pleated Maternity Dress
Short sleeved Pleated Maternity Dress – $49.98

Elbow Sleeve Tab Cuff Maternity Dress
Elbow sleeve, tab cuff maternity dress in denim – $44.99

Sleeveless Ruffle Front Maternity Dress
Sleeveless Ruffled Front Maternity dress – $39.99

Sleeveless Belted Maternity Tunic
Sleeveless belted Maternity Tunic – $29.99

Ok! That’s it for now my baby mamas!
Remember – do it for the sisterhood. Let’s replace those bums at the top and run this joint on estrogen for a while. Stay checked in at the workplace and let them know you’re here to stay with your maternity work wear wardrobe.



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