Have you ever online shopped? Here’s what I think…

OK people. Here’s the deal.

Until recently I’ve just really really loved shopping right there…with the clothes and all the other good and bad that goes with that (think braving Robson Street on Boxing Day). I like to physically touch the clothes – not in a gross way- but you know, feel the fabric, see how it looks on a manikin and eventually (if I’m in the mood) try it on.

But since I’ve been a bit more, shall we say occupied? It’s been harder and harder to find mommy alone time to shop for myself. So that’s when I decided to go out on a limb and try online shopping….but I still had my concerns….

  1. Would I pay extra on top of everything for shipping?
  2. What if things don’t fit?
  3. What if I don’t like the way they look in person?
  4. Would it be a hassle?

Now, I’m still an online shopping newbie but what I can say is that all my worrying was wasted time.

Of course, there are times that you might be charged for shopping but once you know the rules of the stores you love you can plan your purchases and buy when you know there are a couple things you want. Most stores will ship free to you if your total is over $50.

Any store that’s worth shopping at will have a free return policy and have the paid return postage slip already inside your bag in case you choose to use it so fit & look are never really a problem.
Doesn’t fit? Send it back. Not the quality you hoped? Send it back – without cost to you
An added bonus is that if the store is in your area (like the GAP), you can take things right back to the store and get a refund or change the size.

On the other hand, another benefit of shopping online is that you can often find on sale & clearance items that are in your size and when they arrive, they are in perfect condition/never worn (unlike disastrous clearance racks that we’ve all wasted time sorting through before).

I guess it depends what you think is a hassle.
Here’s what’s not a hassle:
1. Being able to shop from home whenever I have 30 minutes or get an email alerting me to a mega sale.
2. Saving both commute time and paying for parking (um…$25 at Pacific Center anyone????)

The only part that may be a hard for some to digest is the fact you most likely will be waiting 2 weeks for your purchase(s) to arrive. Of course, I have to say… I do actually seem to enjoy my online purchases more when I have to wait for them. I’m not much for delayed gratification but it really seems to be working for me!

OVERALL VERDICT?Love it. You gotta give it a try.

Now, keep in mind that some stores have still managed to not create sites where you can shop online – Jacob and Mexx are two that drive me mental. But here are a few places you can shop online:

Old Navy
The Gap
Banana Republic
Nine West
Gravity Pope

So go forth and shop! (Especially online 🙂



3 thoughts on “Have you ever online shopped? Here’s what I think…

  1. I am so glad you posted this! I've also been shopping online recently (and am equally ticked that Jacob doesn't have an online site) but I got a pair of pants, shirt, and beautiful silver cuff (think your 'classics work wear' or 'pieces you should invest in', I forget which!) all for under $80. Shipping included. AND I can waltz right on up to the one on Robson or PC and return/exchange everything. It definitely helps to know your size so when you do get the goodies after a couple of weeks you can wear them right away!!-Miss S.

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