I’m BACK!!!….with some celebrity style inspiration!

Hello all my lovely ladies!

After a wonderful holiday from work (and yes…blogging) I’m fully refreshed and ready to talk about my latest work style inspiration!

For those that know me…you know I love dresses so take a look at these latest gems sported by some of my favourite celebs…

1. Anne Hathaway

Super chic in an edgy, asymmetrical black & white striped dress. This look would work on it’s own in the work environment or with a cute cardigan or jacket on top.

Remember though – unless you visit the gym on a regular basis (and even if you do), shape wear underneath is your best friend when it comes to jersey-like material. Also…. you know what to do. Swap out the open toed sandals and slide on a pop colour heel or flat to make this outfit a standout.

ANNE HATHAWAY'S DRESS photo | Anne Hathaway

2. Emma Stone

I’m really starting to love Emma Stone’s style. VERY glad she went back to her signature red hair but also glad that she ventured this hair hue mimicking  tomato-red sheath dress. Normally I wouldn’t recommend attempting this (ie. brown dress and brunette hair) but the shade is just different enough from her actual hair & her blonde highlights that it create the perfect balance.
This classic look is super feminine but ultra professional and the perfect way to WOW your boss and co-workers. It says “look at me! I’m confident and I’m owning it.” Go Emma!

EMMA STONE'S DRESS photo | Emma Stone

3. And finally …..a total style anti-inspiration – this is a DON’T Katie Holmes!!!!!

Where to begin. Ok first… if anything has lots of holes in it (even if they are meant to be there like in this top) you can pretty much guarantee that it’s an inappropriate look for work. You can do SO much better than that. And normally I don’t mind a cropped coloured pant but Katie misses the mark big time with these wonders because of their random leather-like texture. Red leather pants make me think of Eddie Murphy in Beverley Hills Cop. Stay far …far away from these.

KATIE HOLMES'S SWEATER photo | Katie Holmes

That’s it for now! Glad to be back and stay tuned for more work wear style inspiration and tips.



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