Do as I say….NOT as I do… – Check out my massive shopping blunder!

Hi Everyone!

Yes… it’s been awhile. But I’ve been a bit preoccupied with some big news (and morning sickness) – I’m pregnant.
For those of you following me for a while you’ll note that  I wrote an article on pregnancy work wear style in August of 2011 – BEFORE I even knew I was pregnant. haha. Surprise!
It turns out I may be psychic….I’ll have to look into this.
Anyhow, I guess I’ll have to start living up to my pregnancy work wear rantings!! : )

That aside…. I wanted to share a major shopping blunder I committed recently that I’m totally going to blame on the pregnancy hormones. Check this out…

So I was in Coquitlam Centre Mall the other day… eyeing some of the beautiful things that won’t fit my ever expending frame until at least next summer, when it occurred to me – I can still buy shoes and boots!!!!! Yippie!
Well, did I ever give myself license to shop (3 months of being sick 24/7  and you can pretty much justify anything to yourself). So I’m trying on boots and going store to store when I see these gorgeous grey leather, knee high flat boots from Jack & Jill. I ask for my size and they don’t have it…but they do have them in black. Hmmm. So ya, I thought, I’ll try them on just to see. Somehow I managed to convince myself that these $300+ boots were the living end and that I just had to had them. I told myself, “Well, I’ll just take them home and see if they go with my stuff and if they don’t I’ll take them back.” easy-peezy right?

Yah – and it was until I did try take them home and try them on and in my post hormonal haze …realized that they weren’t all I though they were. I decided to take them back, but not because of the cost. Dum dee dum….flash forward to me walking in the mall towards Jack and Jill and pulling out the receipt just to check ….and blammo.
It says “exchange only..within 10 days of purchase”. Gulp. Yah…. guess who was stuck with $300+boots that didn’t work and I couldn’t return. So, I tried on practically every other boot in the place and wouldn’t you know it, there wasn’t one that I liked.

So….ladies. The lesson here is – ALWAYS ask what the return and exchange policy is when you are making your style purchases – especially when we are talking BIG BUCKS $$$

What am I going to do now? Well luckily, the exchange receipt I have doesn’t expire and I do really like Jack & Jill clothing so I’m sure I’ll find something great to spend it on. Perhaps I’ll save it until post baby and get myself something to motivate a return to my former physical glory.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for  more fashion drama and advice.




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