Don’t be boring. Do something different this winter….

Hey Everyone!

You know, when it comes to things like coats and shoes…it drives me a bit mental when people always go neutral. Black and brown go with everything right? Well…yes…but did you ever think that other colours might go with everything too?

In a sea of black, browns and greys…why don’t you do something different when you buy a winter jacket this year and buy a pop colour! Get out of your comfort box and demand a little attention with some colour at a time in the year that’s a bit dark and dreary. My favourite colour choices are purple, red and green – which conicidentally can be worn with black grey or brown of course and look fantastic!

Here are some of my favourites out there this season:

Old Navy  Wool Blend Toggle Coat in Raspberry – $79.94
Old Navy  Wool Blend Long Toggle Coat in Purple
On sale now for only $70! (down from $109.94)
Old Navy Cropped Wool Blend Pea Coat
On sale now for only $55.50!
JACOB Duffle Coat in Yellow – $229

American Eagle hooded Toggle Coat in Red
On sale now for $92.30 (reg $131.86)

Now don’t be a bore.
Go out there and buy a jacket that’s FUN this season!!!!!



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