TOP 3 Fall 2011 Trends to Avoid ….and a couple that aren’t so bad

So…. trends can be fun.
They tend to be circular and come back around every about 20 years or so…
But then there are some that people keep drudging up and just won’t die.

Here are 3 of the fashion trends this year that I wish I could stick a fork in:

1. Florals

Ugh. Flowers are back……and in the Fall? huh? 
Friends – unless you are living on a farm in the middle of small town Nebraska, there really is no right time for florals.

Here’s a hint though

  • stay far away from small floral prints (especially in pastels)
  • and avoid big ghastly patterns in black, blue and red
  • definitely avoid the floral shoe – these will be in your donation pile by December:

If you just can’t help yourself…. the only way to wear them in a modern way is to avoid any sort of repetitive floral patterns and go with an asymmetrical print. Try these:


This fall trend makes me want to throw up just a little. Brocade is generally a really heavy quilted material that often uses a floral motif – very reminiscent of the 60s (and some Asian styles) which seem to be big right now.

Again, very difficult to pull off without looking like you raided your grandmothers closet. 

Definitely stay away from:

  • head to toe brocade outfits – unless you are known near and far for your vintage flair, these are just too overwhelming for most people and tend to look to costumey.

  • 2. long brocade skirts – to the knee and beyond. They tend to be really stiff looking and difficult to balance with any kind of top.

  • Brocade Shoes – again. …these will be in your donation pile faster than you can say ‘Christmas’.

If you are super into it though…. and just can’t resist looking like a walking carpet…try something with a modern cut and a bit of shine like the shift below and pair it with opaque black tights and shoes:
Trend Alert: Brocade

3. MOD – think Twiggy

Once again….Mod can be fun in small doses but it’s tough not to carry this look off and not look like a cartoon character.

Overall – just stay away from:

  •  head to toe colour blocking like above.
  • head to toe literal translation of the mod look

Try this instead…. go with one key mod piece (on your top or bottom – not both):

On the flip side…. the fashion powers that be do come round to a couple trends every do often that I can get on board with. Here’s a couple that I’m liking for this Fall:

1. Black Lace

Yes…when you think of black lace your mind might go to Madonna – but we aren’t talking fingerless gloves here people. Try this trend by doing a semi sheer and lace blouse and a modest skirt.

DEFINITELY stay away from anything too low cut, super sheer  (you shouldn’t be able to see your bra) or anything that can be mistaken for lingerie. That’s not what this trend is about.


I’m not really a black & white kinda girl but this season’s Fall looks have got me inspired to go there. Go head to toe on this one and try a bold graphic print or cut.

Celine Fall 2011mango black whitle new fashion collection 0 Mango Fall 2011: white and black, a combination that never fails

That’s it for now ladies! Go forth and shop (within your budget of course ; )



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