Is Your Work Wear Bag Lame? Bring it back in check….

Hi all,

I was heading to work the other day when I realized that my favourite black purse was looking super shabby and threadbare. Sometimes I get so concerned with my clothes that I completely forget about the state of my accessories.

Now, I have noticed this over time….several of my bags are looking well worn and I have been keeping an eye out for a potential bag purchase here and there but I guess I’m as picky about my bags as I am about my boots. No excuses though….even if you don’t carry your purse around at work, people still see it and if it’s looking haggard then it definitely says something about you.

Rules for work wear bags –

#1  Get a Decent Size

Generally the bags you bring to work are a fairly good size (especially if you have kids and need to hide the odd bib or bottle – moms, you know what I’m talking about). So you need to think along the lines of a satchel or other similarly sized bag.

#2 Buy the Best Material and Make you Can Afford

I know we are all on a budget here ladies, but when we are talking bags/purses, your cheaping out will never be more apparent. You gotta go for the best you can afford here and remember that this is the kind of purchase you’ll keep for at least 5-10 years if not more.

  • So, stay away from the synthetics and plastics if possible unless you have a moral issue with buying leather…  in that case you should go with a well known vegan friendly brand like Matt&Natt (see my purchases from them below) that is non-leather but VERY high quality… or even more upscale shops that offer non-leather options that won’t fall apart on you  right away like Aldo (my black bag lasted about 10 years before starting to fray).
  • And stay away from the cheaper shops like “Bentley” and definitely any purse you find at a Kiosk. I guarantee you that the tell tale signs of cheapness (those little white fray strings) will bite you in the butt within weeks of getting your purchase home.

BUT! there is a silver lining to this story – I finally purchased not one but 2 bags online recently and I couldn’t be happier!!!!

Matt & Natt Goldfrapp Purse in Orange
Reg $155 – on sale for $95
Jorja Bag in Black
Regular $175 – on sale for $105

So check out your bag collection and really think about what your bags say about you. Remember, everything you do reflects positively or negatively on you so do yourself a favour and give yourself an edge.



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