Have You Ruined Your Heels Yet this Winter??

It’s that time again.

Rain….rain…rain…. and then that slushy snow that surprises you and make you wonder how you are going to walk from work to your car or transit in your heels….

No kidding – I’ve already rain soaked at least two pairs of my nice heels out of pure stubbornness (I keep telling myself that I can wear my workout runners if I’m really desperate).

But I actually solved this problem last year and brought myself a super cute pair of rubber boots with little hearts on them to keep in my car just in case.
Are they in my car now?
Yes… I finally put them in there so Yes.. I feel comfortable preaching at you ; )

SO do yourself a favor this mucky winter and pick yourself up a pair of super cute rain boots so that you save your heels for when the sun comes back out.

Here are some fav picks from Aldo this season that are super affordable too….LOVE!

Aldo Smerkar Rain Boots – $45
Aldo Golka Rain Boots
Were $50 – on sale now for only $34.94!
Aldo Toop Rain Boots
Were $65 – on sale now for $49.98!
(but only $27.99 on the US site)

And although I don’t normally recommend SPRING shoes because the majority are a waste of money, Rain boots is a place where you can find some real gems…not only because of price but because you probably won’t need them that often so you’re less likely to wear them out. Here are a couple great deals they have online right now:

SPRING Hellman Rain Boots
Were $39.99 – now $29.98!
SPRING Begley Rain Boots – $49.99
(But, on sale now on the US site  for only $20.99!)

So that’s my lecture for today. Shoes aren’t cheap (at least you shouldn’t buy the ones that are) so protect your investment this winter with a cute pair of rubber boots.

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!



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