Celebrity Style Inspiration!!! Loving these daring work wear choices….do you?

We all know that celebrities can really miss the mark big time in terms of style – probably because most of the use a ‘style-ist’ who forces a certain style or style pieces on them… don’t get me started!
Anyhow, I found this gorgeous, daring suit warn by Blake Lively and I just had to share. Check out the saturated blue suit with lace shoulders by Elie Saab. Totally unique and modern and perfect for work with a little black or lemon yellow tank underneath. (doesn’t hurt of course that she has the PERFECT body!!!).
BLAKE LIVELY photo | Blake Lively
So ya…It got me thinking about what other stars might be setting style on fire out there and here’s what I found – a little work wear celeb inspiration from me to you………..
Nicole Richie in Halston

Nicole Ritchie is smokin in this super modern silver and red dress. A little low cut perhaps for work but that’s an easy fix with a little cami to cut down the cleavage. Loving the ultra modern hemline and how she layered several necklace pieces for dimension!

GISELE BÜNDCHEN photo | Gisele Bundchen
I’m all over the black and white trend this fall, especially these classic pieces that Giselle has pieced together – trendy but you’ll wear each item for many seasons to come.
TAYLOR SWIFT photo | Taylor Swift
I love this look from Taylor Swift. Young and sweet but not too juvenile for most women to sport in a work wear scenario. Mustard is hard to pull off but her raspberry heels create the perfect colour balance.
HEIDI KLUM photo | Heidi Klum
Super chic and elegant. This look is so flattering with the v in the white blouse elongating her already long frame and the edgy lace pencil skirt that plays up her curves perfectly. A 10/10.

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