Oh Dear… I’m in trouble now! Accessories – I found the mother load!

Ok people, I wasn’t going to blog again until the new year but I just gotta share this super sweet accessory insight!!

I was at the bay about a week ago – getting gift certificates for the mother & mother in laws (they do love those fancy creams) and I stumbled across the most amazing stock and sale of jewelry! At the BAY!!! ( I know).

Who would have known that they carry so many awesome lines from FOSSIL, to GUESS, to Material Girl to Betsy Johnson and many many more…..

Not only was everything on sale already (earrings, rings, necklaces…you name it) but then there was another 30% off everything on most brands  AND THEN they had a scratch card that gave you between 10-25% off again!!!! eeep.

Yes…. so I blew about $150but I got about 15 pieces of QUALITY jewellery.

Jewelery that would usually go from  $30-$60 per item (that would have been $675)!

That’s a savings of about $525!

Now… for all of you budget minding mamas out there … this is how you take care of your budget. It’s all about patience and waiting for your opportunity to stretch those dollars as far as they’ll go – but on pieces that are going to last you.

Now… I was at the Bay at Coquitlam Town Centre so I can’t guarantee that your local Bay will have the same ridiculous deals but if you’re already in the mall… I recommend just taking a glance.

What’s awesome is that the BAY also now has online shopping! Now… the deals there aren’t as bananas as the ones in store right now but if you add yourself to the email list you get be one of the first to know when those crazy “one-day sale” deals hit the mark you are looking for.

Here are some of the pieces I’m loving that they have online;


NINE WEST – Vintage America
Brass Double Chain Necklace with Leaf Pendant
Was $25 – now $18.75 (or lower)



FOSSIL – Boyfriend Hoop Earrings
Was $45 – Now $36 (or lower)


Silver drop hoops  – $38 (or less)


Koala Ring
Was  $5 – now $36 (or less)

Most of the really big chunky pieces aren’t being shown online but get out there if you can and check it out. You might find your signature piece!! Love it.



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