Online Shopping Internationally ?… Check Out my TOP 3 Canada Friendly Gems!

So…yes, even though I blog, and have done some online shopping I’ve been very hesitant until now to look outside Canadian sites for fear of:

    •  exponentially ridiculous exchange rates
  •  shipping costs


  • ..and  who can forget border taxes.


But wait! I may have just stumbled on 3 fantastic options that will not only satisfy your craving for uniquely stylish pieces but also have very reasonable rates for getting their gear to Canada.

Check these out:

This is probably my NEW favourite find.
For those of you that LOVE frocks and especially ones with unique or slightly indie or retro flairs, this ones for you. Dresses, tops, pants, jackets, shoes …you name it and thousands of interesting other options to keep you surfing for hours and checking your credit line balance wiggle room!

SPECIAL SITE FEATURES – when you join the site (free) you can surf the site and click “LOVE IT” when you find a piece you’d sell your husband for. Then it creates a nice little list at the top of the page beside the heart that you can go back to ‘visit’ whenever you like. Also cute – when you click LOVE IT ….the site responds with a variety of little phrases like “Love you too” or “You’re too kind”. Kinda silly but still fun 🙂

Location: USA
Shipping to Canada: Yes
Cost: I think it depends on the amount you buy but my purchase was $9.66

Some of my favourite items:

Briga-dear Jacket
Briga-Dear Jacket – $99.99
Teal Going Strong Dress
Teal Going Strong Dress – $49.99
Penny Farthing Flat
Penny Farthing flat – $98.99
Open Your Heart Sweater
Open Your Heart Sweater – $64.99

I’ve always wondered about this site. I happened to come across it when I was looking for something at the Gap this one time and I found it associated with the the Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic peeps in the US (not Canada) but although you can find it on the same page, it hosts a variety of super chic designers and really interesting style options.

SPECIAL SITE FEATURES – when you click on an item you like, it creates a column on the right side of the screen called “We love this with…” that suggests the other pieces that would complete an outfit (ie. if you click on a blazer – it’ll suggest pants, a top, shoes and a bag from their site that make a slick outfit). LOVE IT!
Location: USA
Shipping to Canada: Yes
Cost: I think it depends on the amount you buy but my purchase was $9.66

Here are some of my favourites. Jump on the sale items quick tho – many are final final sale.

Cyri Boot by Nine West
Was $179 – on sale now for only $79!!!

Sequined Jacket by Ark & Co.
Was $89.99 – on sale now for $69.99

Colour Block Dress by Collective Concepts
Was $79 – on sale now for $46.99

Lawrence Blazer – Jack by BB Dakota
Was $69 – on sale now for $47.99

Synonymous with Kate Moss, this super trendy site offers tons of great options for those looking for unique pieces to set off their style. Look out for their sales – when things go on sale they go on sale big time.

SPECIAL SITE FEATURES – refine all searches on the left side of the page by colour, category, size and/or price. No wasting time if you know what you’re looking for…

Location: UK
Shipping to Canada: Yes
Cost: Free international shipping to anywhere with a purchase over 75 £
Pounds  (that’s UK moolah people – not weight)

Here are some of my favourites:

Curved Hem Pleated Skirt
Curved Hem Pleated Skirt
Was 28P – on sale now for 12P (~$19 CAD)

Plain Drape Front Dress
Plain Drape Front Dress in Purple (other colours available)
46P (~$72 CAD) 

Pleat Ponte Pencil Shift Dress
Pleat Point Dress in Washed Blue (other colours available)
47P (~$72 CAD)

Pleat Stripe Dress by Wal G**
Pleat Stipe Dress by Wal G in Brown (available in other colours)
35P (~$55 CAD)

That’s it for now my little work wear shoppers!
Don’t be shy…give international online shopping a try!




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