Nail Art. DO or DON’T?

DO or DON’T?

I’m fairly selective about trends but I must say that my creative and kitschy side is undeniably drawn to this trend of nail art. Whether you do it your self or use one of those stick on brands…. it’s definitely a bold statement. When it comes to nails in the workplace, my best advice has always been to keep them professional by keeping them neat (no chips, mega grow outs or gross nail-biting evidence). That said… I may now add a few more qualifiers like:

  • no cartoon character, fruit or barcode inspirations
  • no more than 1/2 an inch in length
  • no rhinestone or other 3D paraphernalia

I’m fairly conservative on this front though so I’d like to hear from you. Is nail art a DO or a DON’T in your workplace?


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