Fired for wearing too much makeup?

Hi Everyone!

I’ve just started blogging more about make up and the benefits of using at least a little to polish your look at work. But…could too much make up actually get you fired?

The Huffington Post recently reported on a case where a cleaning woman in the UK was fired for wearing too much make up!!!

See full story below:

She had been on the job already for approximately 3 years and THEN they decided to sack her…. hmmm.

Well, being part of the corporate workforce for many years, I have bore witness to ‘bait and switch situations’ – where the person interviews all conservative and then bares a million tattoos and puts in the bull ring piercing after the probation period is over. That can’t be helped by the interviewers but if you want to stay out of trouble, it really is up to you to know what the place you are applying to expects in terms of appearance.  For example, everyone knows that if you work at Starbucks, you can’t have coloured hair, visible piercings or visible tattoos. It’s just how it is. There are a million other places to work if you prefer not to tone it down. Interviwing one way and then showing up to work another way just won’t fly.

So…all in all. A word of caution – there may not be specific policies relating to make up (my workplace only addresses clothing specifically) but if at all in doubt, save the cleopatra eye liner for after work. Sad but true.



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