Coloured Jeans Trend – work appropriate?

Hi Everyone,

Unless you have your head in the sand…you’ve noticed the whole coloured jeans trend that’s been happening lately.

If you’re new to reading this blog then I’ll tell you that I’m a BIG supporter of coloured bottoms and how they really multiply your wardrobe options. See my “Buy Coloured Bottoms!” page to learn more.

Of course, with every level and quality of store pumping these out, you’ll want to take a moment and consider whether the ones you are buying are actually work appropriate.

Again… if you work in a super formal environment then you’re a bit out of luck with this trend. Best to stick with conservative looks.

On the other hand, if you’re in a business casual environment then they might work. Here’s my advice:

  1. If it is M-Thurs, then pick a pair that has a smooth, pant like texture to it (rough fabrics look more casual and worn out). Also avoid jean like details such as rivets (those little metal things on the pockets) and any other sort of embellishment such as fading, rhinestones or embroidery.
  2. Fridays are usually a bit more casual still. In these cases you just want to keep in mind that even though you CAN wear jeans, no one says you HAVE to wear jeans. And there is also a big difference in terms of the type of jeans  you wear on the weekends and the ones you should have for work. See my “TOP 8 Don’ts” page for more details. Sooooo… Fridays may be an opportunity to rock those coloured jeans but keep it classy. Try sticking with avoiding the extras (see #1) and pair with a nice blouse or blazer to keep things work appropriate.

Here is a picture of me in my red coloured jeans in an outfit I might wear to work:

That’s it for now. Happy Shopping!!!



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