July 2012 – What I bought this month…

Hi Everyone!

I get a lot of questions about my budget and how I buy what I buy each month so I’ve decided to post once a month about what’s been added to my wardrobe.

Generally, my budget is about $100 a month but if I see something that I just have to have and would yield excellent $-to-wear ratio, I may make an exception. Usually though, I stay within or under my budget by:

  1.  Keeping an eye on my favourite stores by subscribing to them online. That way they let me know when their biggest blow out sales are (I rarely buy something that isn’t 30% or more on sale).
  2. Keeping a list of the pieces I want in my wardrobe. Whether I’m inspired by a magazine or pintrest or someone I see on the street, I add that piece to a list and so it is forefront in my mind whether shopping online or in stores. It’s like when you’re shopping for a type of car and then all of a sudden you see them everywhere? ya, just like that. Right now I’m looking for a pair of nude heels, a coloured jacket (that’s not a blazer or jean) and a chunky red necklace.
  3. Only buying pieces that I can see mixing with my current wardrobe in more than one way. That way I multiply my wardrobe options just by adding only one piece.

Here’s what I bought this month:

Even from what I bought, you can see that the pieces can mix and match together. The dress could be worn with the orange cardigan and nude heels or the navy sweater with a waist belt and brown boots. I totally stumbled on the blue top. I was actually looking for a light blue collared shirt to go with my green pencil skirt but I don’t look that great in collared shirts anyhow so this was the perfect fit. It also can be worn with the orange cardigan for an interesting colour combination. Both sweaters and the blue top were inspired by images I found on pintrest – you can check out how I wore them in on my copy cat page.

That’s it for this month!

$15 +$19 + $25 + $29 = $88 for 4 new pieces. Love a bargain!



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