Pink Blazer – 1 piece…3 ways

Hi Everyone!

I was just going through my wardrobe again and I found this pink blazer I got a while ago that I absolutely loved. It’s from H&M and I think I got it on sale for about $25. Total Bargain! But the lesson here is that even if you LOVE something and it is a TOTAL BARGAIN you still want to make sure it’s a piece that is versatile – meaning… you should be able to think of at least 3 ways to re-work that piece into outfits that are either for work or play. That way you can be sure your cost per wear ratio is high. That’s what really makes something a bargain. If you buy something on sale and it sits in your closet with the tags on…what good does that do anyone?

So here are 3 ways that I would wear my pink blazer ( was short on time so didn’t throw on accessories but you get the idea).

Business Clothes for women

Pink Blazer (H&M) 3 Ways

Left: White short sleeved Turquoise T from Jacob ($15 on sale) + slim grey cropped pants from Mexx (~$45) + grey mary janes from Naturalizer (~$65).

Center: White polka dot tab dress from Jacob (~$40 on sale) and black Franco Sarto round toed heels (~$85).

Right: Lime Green fitted tank from Jacob ($15 on sale) and Black Banana Republic pencil skirt.

Happy Shopping!



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