Is Your Hair Cut Professional? Here’s inspiration…

So… up until just after the birth of my first little one, I had long dark hair past my shoulders.

Did I ever wear it down? – NO. I think I wore it up in every conceivable style but mainly kept it in a low pony tail soooo much that the sides were constantly breaking.

To be honest, I never really felt like the long hair suited me and wearing that stupid elastic band everyday gave me a headache. I just didn’t know what else I could do with it that would suit me and still look professional…(but not matronly if you get what I’m saying…. )

You can see from my recent profile picture that I’ve gone super short for the summer (and blonde) but it doesn’t take cutting off ALL of your hair to get a put together look. Check out this gallery for some hair style inspiration at many different lengths:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But hey….if you can’t stand to part with your long hair, check out my Pretty Up Hair for Work  Page for ideas on how to put your hair up in an elegant and professional way.

Good Luck!



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