1 Piece, 3 Ways – Black Pencil Skirt

Hi there!

Now that I’ve peeled myself off my leather couch in this 30+ degree weather…I suppose I’ll write a post…

Phew…….it’s hot.

Oh yes, the post.

One of the things that every versatile and well-rounded work wardrobe needs is a black pencil skirt. Then again, I’m not SO picky on the ‘black’ aspect (especially since it’s summer and there are some amazing bold colours and lighter versions in the stores right now) but there’s just something about that pencil shape in particular that allows you to rework any kind of blouse or blazer in your closet while at the same time letting you look both feminine AND powerful. Gotta love that.

Here are 3 ways that I would wear my black pencil skirt …from Banana Republic (usually about $100, I got it 50% off at $50 in Las Vegas). Who knew I’d be buying work wear in Vegas! Grab those bargains where you can find them I say : )

You can pair your skirt with practically any colour as long as it’s bold. I would stay away from pastels if your skirt is black because the black is too harsh a contrast usually. In the photo below though I went with a muted palette and changed up the silhouette to show you some different shapes.

Here are just 3 of the ways that I wear my skirt:

black pencil skirt, business clothes, dressing for success

1 Piece, 3 Ways – Black Pencil Skirt
(LEFT TOP – Jacob)
(CENTER TOP – Tristan & America)
(RIGHT TOP – Jacob)

You can find pencil skirts practically anywhere at any time of year so just make sure you find one that fit  your shape.

Here’s where you can find a couple of great options right now:

The Gap Ponte Skirt – $59.95

TOP SHOP – Contrasting Waist Band Skirt (30 pounds)

To fit correctly, the waist band should fit snugly at your natural waist ( your belly button).

The material should be fairly structured with some weight to it but also have a little stretch to allow it to hug your hips.

Length varies but generally I think they are most flattering when they end right above the knee. If you want to wear one that’s a bit longer (with a bit more of a retro feel) make sure it’s super stretchy. It should hug you from waist to hem.

That’s all for now! I’m off to find some air conditioning!



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