1 Piece, 3 Ways – Cobalt Blouse

As I’ve mentioned before, I do have a tendency to lean towards jeans and t-shirts….which, are not the world’s worst thing to wear but are mostly boring and devoid of femininity if that’s ALL you do. That’s why I’ve really been trying to grow my collection of cute blouses so that I’ll have something interesting to wear both to work but also just everyday/on weekend days as well. There’s no rule saying comfy has to be sloppy right?

So here’s one of the latest blouses I’ve purchased in an awesome cobalt blue colour and how I’ve put it together in 3 ways:

cobalt top, dressing for success, business clothing

LEFT – Jacob beige straight skirt
CENTER – Jacob green pencil skirt
RIGHT – Mexx Taupe and cream suit

Now, I’m all for colour. As you can see, cobalt mixes well with lots of other bold colour combinations like kelly green but I just happened to pair it with neutrals here. Other options I love are:

So there it is. Go forth and add colour!

PS. Don’t forget you can get your job done, be powerful and still look like a woman : )



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