3 CHEERS FOR PLUM! loving this store right now…

Hi there!

Just HAD to share this shopping success with you all. Now….mind….I did exceed my budget for the month (and it’s only the 8th…oh dear) but like I’ve always said – shoot for the bargains but if you find something that is totally original and totally YOU then you just have to get it, sale or no.

So.. there’s this store called Plum. It’s been around for a while and there happens to be one just down the street for me so I decided to pop in a check out what they have. In the past… I’d found some really cute dresses and jewelry but it had been a while since I’d stopped in so I wasn’t sure what I would find. SO glad I did!

The first dress I found was this super cute cherry blossom dress.

I LOVE cherry blossoms and thought this was a super unique print. Just happens that the cut was also really flattering on my body type so yay for me!

dress, dressing for success, business clothes


The second item I found was a gorgeous wrap dress. I’ve been looking for one for ages but I tend towards solid colour dresses and I just couldn’t find one that looked/felt flattering on me. Then I spotted the one below in a blue, purple and cream print. I tried it on in the big change room (with my 3 month old daughter in her carrier in tow) and so funny…. she actually squealed and smiled when I put it on! Well… how could I not buy it then? (yes… that’s my excuse for buying both dresses haha). I’ll just keep blaming things on my daughter : )

Dressing for success, wrap dress, business clothing

SHOES: Nine West

Yes… I doubled my budget this month but before I made the splurge I really considered how much I would wear each piece and how/where I could wear them. I felt like I could wear either one to work or on the weekends and the cherry blossom dress could be a really hot look for a night out with the girls or date night with the husband. The wrap dress I thought I could easily on the weekends with flats or even for a holiday function like Easter or Christmas. So…I know that I’ll get lots of wear out of both of them.

And…at least I didn’t go crazy! I do have some control. Here are a couple of other things I really wanted to buy but put the brakes on this month…

leopard top, business clothes

Sheer Leopard Print
Collared Top
– $59

business clothes

Convertable Cardigan in Brick Red – $79

Business clothes

Knit Colour Block Top – $38

Melange Yarn Sweater – $79

That’s all from me!

Happy Shopping!



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