Are you thinking trends for Fall?

For those of you that have  a little cash squirreled away for Fall Shopping…. here are some sweet trends that I might just get on board with this Fall…

1. Plum Suits/Separates

For those of you working in more formal workplaces that require suits or suit-like togetherness… plum is the perfect trend that will help you stand apart from the sea of grey and navy created by your co-workers. Pair PLUM with any neutral like cream, gold, grey, navy, black, taupe, snake skin, etc. but also try it with jewel tones (jade green, mustard yellow, sapphire blue), stripes or bird prints.

business clothes, pants, plum pants

PANTS: Banana Republic (on sale for $89)

2. Dark Yellow/Mustard Blouses

This trend isn’t for everyone. In particular, you really need to find the shade of dark yellow that works well on you. For example, I’m not such a huge fan of mustard on red heads or those with really dark/black hair (they look better in more of a sunflower yellow but its mustard counter part does work well for those with darker skin, or those with  blonde or brunette hair. Check out my colour mix gallery for ideas on which colours play well.

business clothes, dark yellow top

BLOUSE: Banana Republic – $85

3. The Leather Pencil Skirt

I LOVE this trend because you can wear it just like you would a fabric pencil skirt but it just gives your look so much more texture and interest.

business clothes, leather pencil skirt

Leather Pencil Skirt

On the down side…it’s difficult to find a quality leather pencil skirt under $400 but keep in mind that  despite its current trendiness…it is a CLASSIC INVESTMENT PIECE that you will wear for at least 10 years. because of its classic pencil shape. 

So… on a quick search you’ll find that Philip Lim, Jason Wu, Diane Von Furstenberg, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana and many others all have their amazing versions … but unless you have $1000+ to spend…you’ll have to be a sneaky shopper on this one.

I found one at Danier Leather for only $279!

business clothes

Black Leather Pencil Skirt – Danier Leather $279

That’s it for now everyone. Happy Shopping!

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