Have you ever done a VIDEO job interview? Here’s how…

Have you ever had to do a job interview via video?

I haven’t…. but I have been on the interviewing side. It’s a very interesting situation and I can tell you from experience that although it can be challenging (no hand shakes, technical issues, lighting, timing, interruptions etc.) there are also some major bonuses for the person being interviewed including:

  • they won’t see (or smell) you sweat
  • you can have prompts in the room (not visible to the interviewers of course) to help you remember your answers in case you get stuck
  • you control your environment (temperature, chair, etc.)
  • you can often record your interview session and watch it later to see how you performed

That said, as always…it’s really important to remember that despite being in your own home (a comfy & familiar environment) you should still dress and do your hair and make up according to normal interview standards (check out my post on dressing for interviews here). You don’t want to make the interviewer(s) feel like they are talking with a friend rather than a serious job candidate. You DON’T want to leave that impression, even if they can only see you from the waist up : )

To learn more about how to ensure your next video interview is a knock out… check out this awesome article from Job Mob “How to Ace Job Video Interviews”.

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