FINDING YOUR STYLE – Trying is Not Buying

You know what? I’ve actually heard of people who go into stores and buy clothing without even trying it on! Can you believe it? I thought that was an urban shopping myth….but no. People actually do it.

Now…if you’re into elastic waist bands, XL – shirts and other stretchy pant type items  then I suppose you can’t really go wrong by not trying things on, but if you want to buy anything of quality..and anything that it going to look like it fits your body (which, by the way, is exactly what you should be doing) then you really do NEED to try things on before you buy them.

Aside from trying on things for fit though… you really need to try things on for another reason too. The reason is that this is how you are going to experiment with and find your style! Try on anything and everything that catches your eye in the store. So many people don’t do this … and I know exactly why. It happens to me too.

We spot that amazing pair of shoes or a really hot dress and we reach out for it to touch it…get a closer look and what not. Then that little voice pops up…you can barely hear it…but it says “Don’t be silly, you could never pull that off.” or “Where the heck would you wear that anyways?” or “That’ll look like you’re trying too hard” …and then we let it go and look for something less risky.

Soon enough though, our closet is FULL of mediocre things that don’t really inspire or excite us and we wonder why.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you just need to break that cycle and GO FOR IT!


That’s what those little change rooms are for! If it makes you feel more comfortable, go on your own so you don’t feel rushed. That can sometimes be an issue too. I know if I’m shopping with other people I don’t want to waste their time so I’ll only try on things that I’m 95% sure I’m going to buy. But if I’m by myself, then I take my time and feel like I can really explore. Also, if I’m with someone else, I often feel like I need to explain why I picked up a particular shoe or why I pulled a certain top. Sometimes I can’t really explain it… I’m just curious or drawn to it for some reason. The last thing I want to do is try and verbalize an impulse. So ya… that’s why I like shopping on my own!

Anyhow…. the point is….don’t be afraid. Clothing, accessories, shoes and what not are for fun and should express what you want to say about you. But, you’ll never know what looks good and what you like until you really try on those pieces that you love….but scare you just a little.

Like these heels that I saw last spring in Zara that I never bought because I didn’t even let myself try them on:

shoes, orange heels, dressing for success







And if that little voice pops up telling you that you’re going to look like you’re trying to hard? That’s your sign to try it on. Have fun with shopping and don’t be afraid to play dress up a little.




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