LOVING THIS! – Etsy.com

For those of you that don’t know (I just recently found out about it) … www.esty.com is an online shopping site where people who make their own …well pretty much anything…. can sell it to consumers online. I haven’t bought anything from the site yet but I’m getting reeeaaaallly close to buying some of the jewelry pieces. The only caveat is that if you like 2 different pieces from different artists you have to buy them separately and pay separate shipping. Also, there are some international sellers so buyers beware I guess.

Here are a couple of accessories I’m loving right now:

turquoise necklace, etsy, gem

Blue Stone Necklace – $20

pearl necklace, flower necklace, wedding necklaces, business style

bubble necklace, turquoise, business clothes

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2 thoughts on “LOVING THIS! – Etsy.com

  1. Yes. Etsy is great! I just treated myself to a bracelet made of vintage watch faces. I love it so much. You really find different things on there. I have to be a good girl and stay off for a while…

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