RE-WORK IT! – red necklace

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Sometimes I just can’t find what I want. Don’t you just hate that?

I’ve been looking for a red chunky necklace forever (at least it seems that way) and although I’ve found things that are close…I just can’t seem to find the one that I want. That’s when I decided to try to figure out to build my own without spending a million dollars. So… I decided to:

  1.  take a look at the necklaces I have to see if there are any I don’t wear and could break apart
  2. visit Michael’s (the craft store)  to see if they had any beads that would work
  3. try to re-fashion together a necklace I would love and actually wear

I’m pretty new at making jewelry AND and re-working things but guess what…. there’s a first time for everything right?

So…here we go.

First I took 2 necklaces that I had that I really never wore. Ok, maybe once or twice… but they definitely weren’t my favourites for one reason or another.Then I went to Michael’s and found some red beads that I liked:

necklaces, re-working, crafts

FIRST – I took the chain from necklace #1 (yes…the chain is already gone…I got a little ahead of myself : )

SECOND – I wanted to lengthen the chain a bit and cover the spot where I was going to attach the cording so I took some pieces from necklace #2 (green one).

THIRD – I pieced together the parts from the old necklaces using clear glue, pliers and Stretch Magic .5 bead and jewelry cord.

crafting, necklaces, re-working, beads

FOURTH – I strung three lengths of beads using .5 mm stretchy string, making each longer than the last.

NEXT: I attached all three strings to each side with 4 knots a piece and I cut the cords.

attaching cord

trimming the cords

FINALLY – I dabbed some clear glue on the knots and closed the beads on either side.

gluing the knots

…. and VIOLA! The finished necklace:

red beaded necklace, multi-strand necklace, crafts, re-working

So that’s my latest experimentation with re-working.

Stay tuned for more experiments on how I’m using what I have to make a more usable wardrobe.

In the mean time…why not take this poll?


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