5 Things to Spend More on Now (I’ll give you a hint…your wardrobe is one of them)

I love this article by Wise Bread  on 5 Things to Spend More on Now. It’s not all about clothes but generally about how you’ve got to spend money to make money. It makes logical sense …. but somehow people tend to cheap-out on some of those things that will really make a difference.

Take your wardrobe for instance. My dad always said, “If you look sharp, you’ll play sharp.” Granted, he was talking about soccer and how I need to pull my socks up over my shin pads …. but it really does apply to real life situations as well. When you look confident, you feel confident and that gets noticed EVERY time. Will a $1000 investment in your work wardrobe translate directly into a raise or promotion? No…not likely, but pair that will hard work and opportunity and you can be sure you’ve set yourself up for success. Continue wearing shabby pants and cheapo shoes and you’ll never be sure if that was why you were passed by.

Anyhow…take a read and let me know what you think.





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