RETRO dresses I’m LOVING for work!

For those of you that have been following me since for a while you’ll be familiar with  my “Modcloth Debacle“. Around January 2012 I learned about Modcloth and I fell in love hard. I’m pretty sure I spent hours window shopping their plethora of to die for frocks. So, it’s understandable why I’d be upset when I finally got up the courage to buy 3 dresses online and ended up unhappy with 2/3  of my purchases.

On the positive side though, I contacted the company and told them about my experience and they offered to give me a 20% discount on my next purchase. They also explained that they source each dress from different producers so just because one wasn’t as I expected, I shouldn’t be apprehensive about purchasing in the future. So… in the spirit of second chances (and finally spending that credit)… here are some of my favourite dresses from them that would work for the workplace:

One other tip for shopping at Modcloth… remember that if you’re from Canada that there are duty costs on top of shipping so the very best time to buy is when you can find a dress for about %25 off. Then it all washes out.

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