How Many Pieces of “Flare” do you Wear?

One of my favourite movies of all time HAS to be “Office Space” (1999). Such a classic film [see trailer here) and I can’t help but love Jennifer Anniston’s turn as Joanna the waitress at Chotchskies (modeled after T.G.I.Fridays).

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15 Pieces of Flare is the Minimum

At one point in the film, Joanna’s chump boss questions her about the number of pieces of “flare” she has on (buttons on her suspenders). Even though she has on the minimum 15 pieces, her boss asks her if she’s OK with doing ‘the minimum’.

Anyhow, it got me thinking about how we express our personalities at work. Most of us don’t have suspenders onto which we can attach ironic commentaries about life and lame puns to show who we are but there are other ways that we can dress and accessorize to showcase our creativity and unique perspectives.

Broaches for example are an excellent way to take an otherwise average or plain outfit and add some visual interest.
Have a lime green sweater and khakis? Throw on a pretty fuschia flower pin to instantly add texture and interesting colour contrast.

Love your black boyfriend blazer and skinny cropped pants but feel a little uptight? Pin on an industrial wing broach from steampunk and add some edge, shine and character to your look.

Remember, style is one part dressing purposefully (looking like you tried) and one part creating visual interest by mashingup colour, texture, pattern and or shine.

Here are some of the excellent ‘pin on’ accessories that will help get you there but keep in mind that 1 is probably enough ; )

accessories, flower broach, dressing for success


Upcycled FeltBroach in Cream and Teal – $10.20 (SewSissy –

Enamel Broach, Dressing for Success

Toucan Enamel Broach – $8.16 (lomae51 –

Peacock, Broach

Peacock Broach – $22.40 (Watermenot –

Leather Bluebird Broach – $29.18 (Lulabop –

Steampunk wing broach – $83.62 (Dayslonggone –

Pride & Predjudice Heart Broach – $12.95 (houseofismay –

That’s all for now. Enjoy rocking your Flare!

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