What I Bought this Month – Aug 2012

Hi Everyone!

Ooooohhh …this month was a big one but jeez, sometimes you just fall in love! What can I say? : )

So here is what is new in my closet this month – the first two I’ve shared already but just as a recap:

Blue Wrap Dress – Plum – $110

Cherry Blossom Shift Dress – Plum – $75

The first two I found at Plum early in the month. Normally my budget is about $100 but eeeesh. I crushed it a bit this month. So…. I’ll just have to tone down spending in other areas like coffee and eating out to balance things out. But they are just so cute, I really don’t mind working the home coffee maker all month to compensate.

Red Trench Coat – H&M – $59

I LOVE this coat. I’ve been looking for  a red trench coat that is light enough for spring but heavy enough for Fall as well but it also had to be the right kind of red. Lord knows there are SO many shades of red out there and the more orangey reds just don’t work on me. I found this jacket in H&M last week and it was the perfect blue-ish red that I need for my skin tone and the fit was super feminine. I think it maybe took 3 minutes from when I found it to when I was at the till. No second guessing here. That’s why I love my SHOPPING LIST. When I go shopping I know exactly what I need and then it just jumps out at you when you find it.

That’s all for now. Happy Shopping!


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