Nail Art … my TOP 8 Styles that are Work Appropriate

Maybe it’s because I’m currently on maternity leave (yes, we get 1 whole year in Canada! Whoot Whoot!) but I finally have the occasional 30 minutes to myself once a week to try something with my nails. And since joining Pinterest, I’ve been super inspired by all the beauty posts and how-tos on nail art. Now… let’s be straight – there are many MANY examples of nail art are way over the top for the work place.

Instead…. let’s exchange cutesy for…um…classy.

Here are my Top 8 nail art styles that are perfect pics for the workplace – (some are DIY and some are stick-on)

One caveat thoughno style is a good style if it looks beat up. At first sign of chipping and/or grow out, remove and start again otherwise you’ll risk turning from ultra chic to dirty and sloppy in a heart beat.

1. Golden Touch

Nude with Chunky Gold polish on top

2. Subtle Zebra

French Manicure with Sharpie Zebra Stripes

3. Polka What?

4. Golden Candy Apple

Red, Chunky Gold & Silver then top coat Red again

5. Ombre

Can be done with any similar colours

6. SupaChic in Black

Black with Silver Markation – use 2 pieces of scotch tape to create thin line for silver polish and then finish with clear top coat.

7. Vanilla Sparkle

Nude with Clear/Chunky Silver just at Nail Bed

8. The Black Sheep

4 Solid Nails with Ring Finger in a Similar Tone but Glitter

So many choices and most are super simple, I just never thought to apply polish that way. HELLO! Using a sponge to create an ombre nail??? Genius.

So be bold this week and give your nails an experience!


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