What I’m Wearing Today… Olive Green and Red

Hi Everyone!

You know… I love maternity leave and hanging out with the kidlets but I must admit, I do miss dressing up for work sometimes. It would be SO easy to throw on leggings and an oversized shirt everyday (and sometimes I do) but other times simply putting on a dress makes the difference between feeling like I’m living in PJs and actually living life.

So today it was a bit warmer so I put on an olive-green DKNY dress I got last spring while I was pregnant. No… it didn’t actually fit then but I must have been day dreaming about having a waist line at the time. Thank god it ended up fitting!

DRESS: Winners

Anyhow, I don’t normally shop at Winners because despite what EVERYONE says… I hardly ever find anything good there. But, I just happened to go in with a friend of mine to the Winners in down town Vancouver and I spotted this super cute DKNY dress for only $39.99. Of course, I just had to have it. Luckily it worked but ladies….I was hormonal at the time. I wouldn’t recommend buying post-pregnancy clothes until you are…well, post-pregnant.

The boots are a favourite as well. I got them at B2 about 4 years ago. I’m super picky about boots and these took me 3 years to find but I’ve pretty much worn them out. I think it’ll get a bit warmer today so I may swap them out for some cute sandals or wedges but for now.. I’m all about my boots.

The only thing I would change if I could is I would totally rock an animal print belt if I had one to just add some pattern but I can’t seem to find one out there and/or I would put on some huge gold earings to add some shine  (but the baby would have a field day with those right now so those are out too). Instead, I went with the bold red lip for a colour POW!

That’s all for now! Happy shopping.



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