Lost in Space? e-Tools to Organize your Wardrobe

If you guys are at all like me (getting 2 hours of sleep a day and lucky if i leave the house with pants on) then you just have to try this app I found for organizing you closet and putting it right at your finger tips:

It’s called Stylish Girl.

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I just started using it …and it does take some work up front. That said, once you take photos of your pieces, you can create and save outfit options you love …all in a super accessible place on your phone. I used to do something similar on my computer but it ended up being a hassel to always turn on the computer and search out the photos. Now that I’m a mom of two….well you can forget about it.

So, Stylish Girl has you take pictures of the clothing, shoes, accessories in your wardrobe and then app’s different functions allow you to piece together outfits you’ve worn and loved or combinations you want to try.

It’s fantastic for when you are stuck on what to wear (because of sleep deprivation or just wardrobe boredom). All you have to do is just flip through your e-closet. Yay!

[I’ve been dreaming about this since I saw the movie Clueless in the 90s. YOU know what I’m talking about!]

The only thing I wish it could do is take your items and show you what they would really look like on a mannequin. Right now, it basically stacks the picture of your top, bottom and shoes to give you a sense of what they look like together. I wonder if they could create a function  that would do that, similar to the ones that they have on InStyle magazine where you can try on different hair styles….hmmm.


For a demo of the iphone app go here.

To download it on your android device go here.

Another interesting e-tool I found is a site called “Go Chic or Go Home“.

It’s similar to Stylish Girl but is more like a cross between Facebook and Pintrest for style/fashion. You can post your own outfits or inspiration and also earn points towards shopping gift cards. How that works…I haven’t found out yet. I just signed up and I’ll let you know!


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2 thoughts on “Lost in Space? e-Tools to Organize your Wardrobe

    • I’m liking Go Chic or Go Home so far. It seems to be a place more focused on female style bloggers so its easy to find outfit inspiration and new great blogs to follow. You should definitely try it!

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