Loving This!….Sophisticated Work Watches


There’s nothing like chic accessories to complete an outfit. Not only do they add interest but they can help pull an outfit together, express your creativity or unique sense of style and even make your outfit look more expensive than it really is.

A great way to up your chic factor is to sport a killer watch. No need to spend thousands of $$$… you can get a super fabulous, well made watch for anywhere from $100-$400. Keep in mind also that most watches (unless really extreme in style) tend to be classic in nature which means this is an investment piece that more than likely you’ll be wearing on a daily or semi-daily basis for years to come.

One of the brands of watches that I’ve always loved is Kenneth Cole. There is a simplicity, and ironically a ‘timelessness‘ about their designs that I’m really drawn to. I’ve never really been a fan of women’s watches that are super dainty and have small faces. They just aren’t me. That may be one of the reasons I like  Kenneth Cole watches so much. Even their smallest women’s watches tend to have a substantial face, which gives them a slightly more masculine sensibility.

Here are some of the Kenneth Cole watches I’m loving right now…

Watch With Round Blue Face - Watches - Kenneth Cole

Watch with Round Blue Face

Gold Link Strap Round Watch - Watches - Kenneth Cole

Gold Link Strap Round Watch

Oversize Watch With Embossed Str - Watches - Kenneth Cole

Oversized Watch with Embossed Strap

Square Gunmetal Watch - Watches - Kenneth Cole

Gunmetal Watch with Rectangular Face

Stainless Steel Case with Silver - Watches - Kenneth Cole

Stainless Steel Case with Silver See-Through Face

Bronze Link-Strap Watch - Watches - Kenneth Cole

Bronze Link Strap Watch

I’ve also been liking Michael Kors watches but even recently when my parents wanted to get me a watch as a graduation gift (Masters in Education) and they were taking care of the bill (awesome)… I couldn’t seem to pull the trigger on this brand because all of his designs have too many dials and tend to be a bit too over-sized when you actually put them on. And…over-sized watches tend to be trendy. Booo.

[Between you and me…they also felt a bit cheap when I put them on too. But don’t tell Michael I said that.]

This one for example. Beautiful…just lose those useless extra dials! Eeesh.

Accessories, Women's Watches, Dressing for Success

Micheal Kors Stainless Steel Camine Chronograph Watch – $250

So… what watch did I end up getting?

Women's Watch, Bulova, Classy watches

Bulova Precisionist Collection 97M104

Ok…ok. So I guilted the parents into the more expensive watch (hee hee). Could I help that I had a ‘Say YES to the Dress‘ Moment when I put it on???

I think not.

So…the point is…don’t go bare wristed this Fall. Get yourself a POWER watch this season. You’ll be glad you did. (And remember….Christmas is coming!):

Happy Shopping!

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