Eureka! Finally found nude heels…


I think I’ve pretty much been looking for the ‘right’ pair of nude heels for years now. Although they are a classic piece of any wardrobe, they’ve also really been on trend the last few years and happen to be just about everywhere.

One would think then that in 2 years, I would have been able to find at least 1 pair that would work for me…but no.

No matter, every pair I tried was either too high (meaning I wouldn’t wear them) or too platformed or they pinched or the nude colour was wrong. Often I felt like just giving in and buying any pair but always stepped away in the end.

You can imagine my surprise and elation when I found the perfect pair last weekend at Freedman Shoes that were not only comfortable…

…but at 40% off!!!! ($119 on sale for $71Whoot!

(Actually, I thought they were 25% off and went to buy them anyways and found out that they were 40% at the till. Don’t you love those moments??? Fashion Fate I tell you.)

What did I get?

Nude heels, Nine West, Taupe Shoes,

Caress by Nine West – $120
31/2 inch heel

So remember, fashion patience is always rewarded. Don’t squander your hard-earned funds on stuff that’s crap or just not quite what you wanted. You’ll find it and it’ll be SO sweet when you do.

Happy Shopping!


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